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UnsaidTalks aims at making engineering students effectively utilise their 4 years at University and to make them outshine from among the crowd of 1.5+ million engineers graduating every year.

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Welcome to UnsaidTalks – A community of enthusiastic engineering students who thinks way ahead of simply going into classes and just passing exams. It is the community of ambitious students who love to hustle, build projects, read books other than their course books, code and who loves to discover themselves. Remember,

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all the wisdom

Here is what you will find on UnsaidTalks:

  • A platform to get in touch with your seniors
  • Most Effective Ways to utilise your free time in University
  • Tips on Starting with coding
  • Basic and Advanced Interesting Python coding Projects
  • Must Read books while in university to get better understanding of world after 4 years.
  • Guidance about getting your dream Job
  • Exclusive Interviews of students placed in companies visiting Your Campus.


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What Can You Learn Here?

Our INTERVIEW Section has over 600+ Interviews of students from 50+ Companies. We are always updating our content. Here are some of the best Interviews:

Want to get general guidance ranging from Placement preparation strategy, CGPA guidance, books then head over to the following links:

Want to get started with coding or wanna build some amazing python projects? Head over to following links:

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Thank you for being here. Hearing Thank you notes from students like you who tell us how they get so much knowledge from this platform urges us to create more content for you people. We are looking forward to the future of UnsaidTalks, and we are glad you are here.

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