Arshbir Kaur’s Wipro Interview Experience

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“Arshbir Kaur” who was placed at “Wipro” talks about her interview experience and some other tips to prepare for placement season. Check out what she says about placement season.

Profile Offered: Analyst

Cgpa cutoff:  6

Interview difficulty level: 4/10 (1-very easy, 10-very Difficult)

Here are the questions we asked from Arshbir to know about her interview experience.

Question 1: Introduce yourself to our readers.

Answer 1: I am an Electrical engineer. I like to travel and try different food. I am hardworking , confident , optimistic girl. My hobbies are dance and watching TV series.

Question 2: Describe Your written test experience specifying the number of rounds, details of each round and type of test platform ( If online mention the type of test platform eg. Hackereart, CoCubes, Amcat etc).

Answer: Written test held on cocubes. It was divided in three parts- verbal, reasoning and technical. Verbal and reasoning was easy. For verbal I suggest you to read newspaper and novels. For reasoning RS Agarwal is enough. Technical was quite difficult if you are a non IT student. Technical questions were from data structure, object oriented programming( that was a choice c++ or Java). For non IT students I suggest you to watch nptl videos and there are many other good tutorial videos on YouTube. This round is the main barrier because most of the students get shortlisted form it. So good luck ,do practice.

Question 3: Describe your all technical interviews specifying number of rounds and details of each round.

Answer: There was only one teachnical round. Interviewer was very nice to me.. do wish him with a smile and ask to sit. As I applied for data analyst profile, so most questions were to check my data handling capacity. Like they asked me how much vegetable come to your city every day. Don’t rush and Don’t give them a random number. They Don’t want a number. They want to know how you approach toward the question. Think for two minutes and tell a range with explanation why you think so.

Then they asked do I know coding and which subjects I read related to coding. So I told them that I like coding and data structure and object oriented programming were my electives. so they asked me difference between link list and array, program to create a link list.

Technical round is easy just be calm and keep smiling. Good luck.

Question 4: Describe your all HR interviews specifying number of rounds and details of each round.

Answer: Student shortlisted form technical sit for HR. It was just a 10 minute interview. He asked me about my goals , why wipro, am I comfortable with traveling. Almost all the students from HR got placed.

Question 5: What do you think were key factors for your selection?

Answer: Well, I think there were 4 key factors:
– smile
– quite good knowledge about coding
– confidence
– my traveling nature, because it is the demand of job.

Question 6: What would you like to advise juniors for cracking HR round of this company?

Answer: Just clear your goal and keep smiling, be confident. You should ask HR while sitting down that how was your day.

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