CGPA Taboos

For some people, “CGPA IS THE ULTIMATE THING IN UNIVERSITY” and for others “CGPA doesn’t matter at all”. I would say, both of these thoughts about CGPA are wrong. In this blog post I will tell you whether your CGPA matters or not? What importance does it carry? I hope by the end of this post you will be clear with any CGPA Taboos that you carry!!

“How much cgpa is right for me?” This question has different answer for different students depending upon what they want to do after their under-graduation. I will answer this question from the perspective of most of the students, which is, getting a Job.

Believe me guys, Once you get shortlisted to sit in a company, CGPA doesn’t matter at all. But, concentrate more on  the word “SHORTLISTED”. If you are not shortlisted, you will not be able to even sit for the company exam. From my experience, If your CGPA is above 8, then you will be able to sit in 99% companies visiting the campus. And if your cgpa is above 7, then you will be able to sit in 90% companies. That’s the reason CGPA becomes the most important thing in university. Now, here’s the tricky part. What if you are always getting shortlisted but you don’t have the skills which companies actually want from you, You don’t have that personality, that aura, that technical knowledge or those coding skills? In my batch, I have seen both types of students. One were those who were unable to appear in much of the companies because of CGPA issues but when they got even 1 chance they bagged the Job. Second types were those who were always getting shortlisted for each company but still were getting rejected from companies because they lacked those skill set which company wanted.

So to conclude, I would say, CGPA holds importance till you are shortlisted for a company. After that, during interviews/GDs/Case Studies, companies will not care if you are a 10 pointer or 7 pointer. So, try maintaining a balance between studies and extra co-curricular activities. Build your coding skills if you want to get into software company. Build your public speaking skills and Team working skills if you want to work in a consultancy firm. Build your core technical knowledge other than that of course books if you want to get into core company of your respective branch. Keep in mind, studying for CGPA and studying for knowledge are two different things. I have seen people having high CGPA, still lacking basics. I have also seen people with low CGPA but having great technical knowledge.

All the best!

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