How to decide which coding language to learn?

 A beginner’s guide to deciding which programming language is best for me !

When I started my university life, I knew very less about coding. I wanted to learn to code but then I used to always get confused regarding where to start this thing ? I started many a times but in few days things started fading away as I had no idea now what should I do ? Sometimes, very tough concepts popped up and sometimes I was in constant confusion whether what I am learning will be beneficial or not !

So here I present to you a guide which will help you decide where you should start with coding :

1. Decide what you want to create ? So if you don’t know what options you have here are the options:

  • Front-end web developer – Building the looks of website.
  • Back-end web developer – The things that runs at servers of websites
  • Mobile Apps
  • Application software – Particular purpose software like calculators etc
  • System software –  operating systems and firmware

2. So once you have decided what you want to create, here’s what to do:

  • Front – end web developer – Start with learning HTML, CSS, Javascript. Later move on to learning frameworks like AngularJs and jQuery.
  • Back-end web developer – Start with C. And then learn any one among python, PHP or Perl.
  • Mobile Apps – Now it depends for what platform you want to create apps:
    • Android: Java + Android SDK.
    • iOS: Objective C or Swift.
    • Windows: C#
    • For User Interface of these apps you will also need to learn HTML and CSS.
  • Application Software – Start with python. And then move to C++, Java. Then you will need to learn frameworks such as Qt (Cross platform), C#/.Net (for Microsoft), Objective C (for Apple).
  • System Software – Start with C. Also learn shell scripting concepts and operating systems concepts.

3. If you are still not sure what you want to create and simply want to code just because you want to pass few labs in college or simply want to taste the coding, then start learning C or Python.

The best Video source to learn C is THIS – CLICK HERE. (I am in no way associated with this link)


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