Tushar Chhabra’s Wipro Interview Experience

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“Tushar Chhabra” who was placed at “Wipro“ and was selected as the intern at “Elucidata” talks about his interview experience and some other tips to prepare for placement season. Check out what he says about placement season.

Profile Offered: PES (placement)/data scientists(internship)

Cgpa cutoff:  6.5 (placement) / 7 (internship)

Interview difficulty level: 6/10 (1-very easy, 10-very Difficult)

Here are the questions we asked from Tushar to know about his interview experience.

Question 1: Please introduce yourself to our readers.

Answer: My hobbies are playing cricket, badminton and football. I love to watch videos of robotics, coding and electronics. During academics, also worked on many robots like IED Transporter, Quadcopter, PID LFR and many other. I was technical head of saturnalia2k15. I secured 2nd rank in IITD Escape Tunnel competition and 1st rank in thapar university open the lock competition.

Question 2: Describe Your written test experience specifying the number of rounds, details of each round and type of test platform ( If online mention the type of test platform eg. Hackereart, CoCubes, Amcat etc).

Answer: Wipro Test was tough but as their recruitment was high so it was easy to crack. Online test conducted by cocubes, test consisted of 3 sections quant+logical, verbal and technical. To attempt technical test we have to choose between two language c++ and java. All question were multiple choice question answer. Total 70 question were their.

ELUCIDATA Based upon solution of given assignment.

Question 3: Describe your all technical interviews specifying number of rounds and details of each round (if any).

Answer: Wipro Interview was easy. They asked me to describe yourself and about your projects. They asked me to describe all the achievements and also about hobbies.

ELUCIDATA Online telephonic interview: they asked me to describe yourself and than they asked me question related to given assignment and some simple questions related to c coding. They asked me to install r&r studio. Then they asked me to solve one programming question with the help of r&r programming. As I was new to r&r programming so they asked me to share screen and asked to take help from google.

Question 4: Describe your all HR interviews specifying number of rounds and details of each round.

Answer: Wipro: Simple questions like describe yourself and about your projects and about your family.

ELUCIDATA: No HR interview

Question 5: What do you think were key factors for your selection?

Answer: Extra curriculum activities and confidence which I gained through attempting various companies interviews.

Question 6: What would you like to advise juniors for technical skills they should develop for this company?

Answer: Thapar University provide adequate knowledge required for cracking interviews. Just go through all the subjects which you learned in thapar university. Important subjects are:-  c,c++, java and data structure, CMOS, digital system design.

Question 7: What would you like to advise juniors for cracking HR round of this company?

Answer: After cracking technical interviews, hr is just a formality but don’t take it too lightly that may cost you your job. Just answer the question straight forward with confidence.

For any further Queries feel free to contact me.

Email Id: tusharchhabra100@gmail.com

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