Aman Rao’s HyperVerge Interview Experience

“Aman Rao” who was placed at “HyperVergetalks about his interview experience and some other tips to prepare for placement season. Check out what he says about the placement season.

His Interview was taken by UnsaidTalks Interviewer: “Vanshika Sinha”

Branch and Graduation Year: Computer Science – 2021

Profile Offered: Internship at HyperVerge – Internship

Job Location: –

CGPA Cutoff: 8

Here are the questions we asked from Aman Rao to know about his interview experience.

Question 1:Introduce yourself to the readers.

Answer: A chill sort of person and was not much worried about the placement. I started to prepare for the placements in my 3rd year.

Question 2:Describe your written test experience specifying the number of rounds, details of each round and type of test platform ( If online mention the type of test platform eg. Hackereart, CoCubes, Amcat etc).

Answer: The written test was of 3 hours. Due to some technical issues, the test automatically got cancelled and thus it was just of 2 hours only. Therefore, the test was again conducted, so overall, the test was of 5 hours. It was conducted on Interview Bit and the students were required to solve 6 questions in 3 hours. For getting shortlisted for the interview, a student must solve atleast 4 questions out of the 6 questions. Every topic was covered in the test.

Question 3:Key factors for your selection.

Answer: For the technical round, projects helped a lot in clearing the round. For the HR round, good communication skills helped a lot in clearing the round.

Question 4:What are the things students should focus on in order of priority?

Answer: Basic DSA is a must and one must not lie on the resume because the interviewer will get to know very easily about the lie. One must be very confident about his resume and must have knowledge about all the things mentioned in that. Students should also focus on in doing good projects because they help a lot in cracking the interviews.

Question 5:Advice to juniors for technical skills they should develop.

Answer: Students should not worry much for the technical skills in their first and second years. They should start working upon their technical skills in the summer break of second year or in the starting of their third year (invest time for doing coding daily for half an hour). The main focus should be on DS and Algorithms and try to work on some good projects because through that you get to learn a lot of new things and you develop your skills. One must not get pressurized seeing his peers doing coding in their first years because atleast first year is there to enjoy your college life. If you start coding in your first year, definitely you will get advantage but even if you don’t start, there’s nothing to worry, you can start it afterwards also. Students should also participate in Hackathons because they help a lot in developing the technical skills and moreover you get to know people from other colleges too so it develops your network and you know what other students are doing to develop their various skills.

Question 6:According to you, what role does extra curricular activities as well as participation in societies play?

Answer: Extra curricular activities play a very important role in developing one’s communication skills and in turn helps to crack the HR round with ease. Being a part of Thapar Food Festival helped me a lot in developing my communication skills because you get to know how to communicate with people. Being a part of societies helps to develop the overall personality of an individual because you get a chance to make friends and also get a chance to interact with your seniors. The only thing to be kept in mind is that students should not get burdened by joining societies and being a part of societies should not affect their academics. By joining societies, one also learns to manage time between academics and extra curricular activities and so instead of sitting idle, one can invest time in being a member of the societies of their interest.

Question 7:What would you like to advise juniors for cracking HR round of this company?

Answer: For cracking the HR round, one must have good communication skills.

Question 8:Any other advice you would like to give to your juniors?

Answer: Don’t prepare everything just for placement. Don’t do everything for the sake of placements only but to expand your knowledge and to learn new things. Don’t be much placement oriented and lose your confidence, one must enjoy his college life obviously.

Question 9:Your Phone Number (Only if you want to help your juniors on call).

Answer: 8146545848

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