Ayush Verma’s Shell IT centre Interview Experience

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“Ayush Verma” who was placed at “Shell IT Centre” talks about his interview experience and some other tips to prepare for placement season.

The interview was taken by our UnsaidTalks interviewer- “Sneha” from  Thapar University.

Check out what he says about placement season.

Branch & Graduation Year:  COE– 2018

Profile Offered: IT Software Engineer

Cgpa cutoff:  8.35

Interview difficulty level: 8/10 (1-very easy, 10-very Difficult)

Here are the questions we asked from  Ayush Verma to know about his interview experience.

Question 1: Introduce yourself to our readers.

Answer :I am Ayush Verma and I was born and brought up in the city of Amritsar. I love hanging out, and learning anything new in the field of technology. I am just an average guy who believes in the motto “Never Give Up”. No matter how many punches life throws at you, you ought to be able to take these punches and stand up every time. By doing so, you are bound to become successful one day. Work hard, stay healthy!

Question 2: Describe Your written test experience specifying the number of rounds, details of each round and type of test platform ( If online mention the type of test platform eg. Hackereart, CoCubes, Amcat etc).

Answer:There was one round of online written test held by AMCAT. It was an MCQ test divided into three sections- Quant , Verbal (English) and Technical. Overall, the test was easy. What could be the challenge is to attempt all questions in time. I suggest all to practice sample questions at AMCAT website, especially English comprehensions which are easy, but a bit lengthy.

Question 3: Describe your all technical interviews specifying number of rounds and details of each round (if any).

Answer.There was only one round of interview which consisted of technical plus HR round simultaneously. It was a competency interview. The interview was set-up via Skype video chat and two people were on the other side, one from the technical department and the other from the HR department. For the first 30 minutes, technical questions were asked based on resume, projects undertaken and internship. They asked a couple of questions related to OOPS, polymorphism, inheritance, function overloading, function overriding, virtual functions, software life development cycles, sql etc. Some typical questions were – Different methods of swapping without using temporary variables, reversing linked list etc.

Question 4: Describe your all HR interviews specifying number of rounds and details of each round.

Answer: The next 30 minutes were dedicated for the HR round. It was all situation-based. Questions asked were like- If someone rejects your idea in a team project, how would you push your idea forward/handle situation/convince others; If you are the team leader and a team member is lazy or not working, how will you handle it; What have you learned from others working in a team;How would you meet multiple project deadlines; Where do you see yourself in 3 years etc.

Question 5: What do you think were key factors for your selection?

Question 6: What would you like to advise juniors for cracking Technical round of this company?

Answer:Go through your projects thoroughly. If asked, mention those subjects only in which you’re very good at. Of course, there will be questions on data structures, algorithms, DBMS and software engineering. Keep your basics strong. They may ask you to solve puzzles too; practice them from geeksforgeeks. Keep practicing competitive coding from hackerrank, codechef etc especially questions of DP.

Question 7: What would you like to advise juniors for cracking HR round of this company?

Answer:Don’t try to fool the person on the other side, he surely won’t fell for it. If low-confidence or nervousness is the problem, practice basic questions like “Introduce Yourself” in front of the mirror. It will build your confidence. Try to be genuine in the interview and have some prior knowledge about the company, it will really show the interviewer about your interest in the company and how much passionate you are for the job. For the HR questions mentioned above, try to answer them by stating some real-life scenario from your time when you have been working for your projects in a team.

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