First Year @ Thapar University

[Blog Submitted by Rajat Batra: Student of 1st year at Thapar University]

A flashback-

Going through quora feed to get to know more about the college which I was going to join- Thapar University, Patiala.

Mom- “Its good that you’ve decided to go to a decent college. Pack your bags and leave your mobile.”

The feeling that a person who hasn’t even gone on a school trip alone would live away from his home in a hostel.The feeling that now I’m free from the tensions that I was facing from the last two years. The feeling that now I would be away from the friendship and the comforts that I’d been provided by my family. These all things made me a bit nostalgic.


The first year is just going to finish. It’s been an amazing year so far. A year filled with enthusiasm, friendships, workshops, fun activities going around the clock and many more. Thapar University has changed it all for me. From being a person who was too apathetic to a person who now takes part in most of the workshops being organized in the campus. The hostel life has been pretty much great. Meeting and interacting with different kinds of people who’re in the hostel and in college have definitely boosted my confidence. I’m a part of Team Fateh. The amount of experience and knowledge which I’ve got from this society has been immense which would definitely help me in the coming years. The endless nights before the MSTs and ESTs, to enjoying playing mini-militia and Counterstrike with my roommates a week before the semester papers, getting caught for bunking classes to somehow completing 75% attendance criteria, the experience has been great and worth remembering. Now when I see myself I can see the difference which has happened with me over the last 10 months. Thapar University has changed it all for me.

Here’s some the advice which I would like to give to the upcoming batches-

  1. If possible (for boys) do consider hostel B/C in your first year. Trust me you would get enough amount of exposure and would make a lot of friends. You would experience the best of hostel life in these hostels.
  2. Participate- Your first duty would be to find yourself. Find what’re you good at. For every interest, there’s a society at Thapar. Join it and explore. This would definitely help in building up your confidence and nourishing your technical as well as your communication skills.
  3. Meet new people. Try to know their perspective on different things. Learn to tackle different types of people in your hostels. Remember, you’d not always meet good and sober people.
  4. You’ll be your own boss and will be on your own. Be careful here. Don’t go flying off the end of the pier. Enjoy your newfound freedom and remember that with freedom comes responsibility.
  5. Always keep your parents on a speed dial. If you’re not in the same city talk with them every day, Discuss with them about what’s happening and never lie to them.

Try to be yourself and make lifelong friends. College is not only about learning but it’s also about growing socially. You’re embarking on a very exciting part of your life. It can be difficult sometimes but these moments would be best and worth remembering.

Article by Rajat BatraStudent of 1st Year @ Thapar University (Class of 2021)

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The Secret to trasform yourself by Harjas Singh

Before you start reading this post, let me tell you I haven’t included any of the cliché advices which you’ll get from your parents, teachers, and seniors at the beginning of your college life. I have included certain things which I was lucky enough to come across, and these will help you transform yourself as a person by the end of four years.

When you take admission in college, don’t forget what you’re there for. You’re there to attend classes and study so that you can get that degree.

But is it wise enough to only study your textbooks in college? Definitely not.

So rather than just spending your time in college attending classes, studying, and then watching TV shows in your hostel room, you should get different experiences.

During the entire course of your college life you’ll study 42-45 subjects. A very few of these, and in most cases none of these will have anything to do with what you do in future. You may not even remember what you learnt in these subjects one week after the exam.

So don’t spend your entire college life isolated in the library or your hostel room studying. Instead, try out different things you wouldn’t normally do. When you have different experiences than the normal course of events, you can look back at them and make connections that other people can’t. This will make you innovative and creative in life and separate you from rest of the crowd.

You can read books on self-help, spirituality, or biographies. You can go traveling with your friends or all by yourself. Fall in love and get your heart broken. You’ll learn a lot from these things.

Another way to get different experiences is to participate in co-curricular activities that enhance personal growth.

18 to 22 are the years of personal transformation. One way to transform yourself into a better person is to look out for opportunities and participate in co-curricular activities in college.

I’ll give you an example. If you join the Debating Society of your college, you’ll learn

  • Effective public speaking
  • An effective way to put across your views
  • Fluency in English language
  • How to expand your knowledge base
  • How to work in a team

These are some of the things that formal education will never teach you. Participating in such activities in college is a way of investing in yourself.

Also, try to build a network.

Always interact with people around you – your batch mates, seniors, and juniors. These are the people who’ll hold good positions in big companies in future. Some of them will have companies that they’ve built from scratch. Some of them might be in creative fields.

You never know whom you might need at what point of time. So it is always good to be in touch with such people – they be your friends or mentors.

If you’re in first year of college, you can find friends and mentors from the fourth year, third year, second year, and your batch. Once you are in fourth year, you can interact with people from the three years junior to you. If you do this, you’ll have a network spread across 7 years in total.

Again, building a network happens outside of the classroom. And one very effective way to do the same is to participate in co-curricular activities.

Finally, if you really want to learn the value of money early on, get different experiences, enhance personal growth, and build a network outside of college – try earning some money. It doesn’t matter what amount you earn, just earn something.

A few ways to earn money while in college are:

  • Give tuitions
  • Build an Application
  • Build a startup
  • Write a book
  • Become a freelancer
  • Invest in stock market
  • Join a Multi-Level Marketing company

If you read biographies of successful people, most of them started earning and learnt the value of money early on in life.

But even if you’re not able to earn money in college, prepare yourself to earn money. For this, learn a skill. This could be a coding language, marketing, or anything at the intersection of your interest and success in professional career.

Real learning happens outside the classroom when you experiment with life because life is the greatest of all teachers.

Again, in this short span of college life we don’t get to do many things. So whatever we’ve chosen to do, let’s do that in a great way.

All the best.

Harjas Singh (2017-Alumni)

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