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So now the time has come, you have become undergrads! Welcome to Thapar University , Freshers!

Getting into that extreme feeling of freedom, where you have to plan your time, you have to plan your priorities and you have to plan your life! Great one it is! You feel like the free rover on the breezy common of the universe. Time has come to explore yourself and the world around you. It’s been a year I have spent in Thapar University and there’s a lot I have explored about myself and the people around me. For now is the time to realize that there’s a beautiful world beside your books, exams and competitive world.

Well let me tell you, it’s not an easy task to find some places worth embracement, in Patiala. Ask your seniors! But then if you got a caravan of rovers, believe me you’ll know Patiala better than localities.

For this one year of my life, I have been lucky enough to get those free rovers with me. So I have explored some places in Patiala which are worth visiting.

But there’s no universal bucket list, you need to be done with. Each n’ everyone of us has a unique taste of travelliasm, but since you have made efforts to search for this topic, so I must get you with the best possible places you can hang out with your friends in Patiala.

Leela Bhawan zone– Tired with a messy mess food, and want to hang out with friends? Leela Bhawan got some of the awesome places to feed your stomach with Pizza Hut’s Pizza’s or Subs from Subway or chilling Sundae’s at Havmor or bucket of chickens at Kfc. And most importantly Boston Bites, this place is so popular among Thaparians, that Boston Bites provide free Chocó Lava Cake to their Thaparian Customers. We have always believed in maintaining a legacy all around.

Feeling stressed out! Need a perfectly peaceful aura around you, visit Dukhniwaran Sahib Gurudwara, I and my friends usually used to visit this place after our exams in early mornings. Watching the rising sun with your feet in cold water is an amazing way to depart all your worries. Another place to enjoy the nature around are Baradari Gardens, but better to visit these gardens in a cool weather.

The only place where you can watch movies is SRS cinemas in Omaxe Mall.

Sheran Wala gate: Just wait for few months and you’ll be used to this place. Soon you’ll be given a lot of projects to work upon, and you’ll need a lot of electronic stuff, Sheran wala gate has got the most needed Electronics Hub of Patiala. You’ll get any electrical component you need, at a reasonable price.

Sheran wala Gate also has a very popular Chole-Bhature point. Real fun is to have it in breakfast in early mornings before classes. You’ll love cycling out in breezy early morning and then getting a yummy breakfast.

Well you won’t need to get out of Thapar always. You’ll find a lot many things to explore in Thapar itself.  Join societies, visit places, make friends, have fun!

Well as I said there’s no universal law of exploration. There are a lot many other places which will suit your interests. But the key point is to keep exploring and keep learning. For me there’s nothing as good as learning from the world around you. Well 60% (just an estimate) of your friends will end up their lives on bed with earphones plugged in the ears and finishing web series. It’s not like you should not watch of course you should! But spending entire year with this virtual world would not be a cool option.

In the span of one year, I have observed people under three categories, Introverts (their world lies within them), ambiverts (they like socializing to some extent) and extroverts (they never land on a lone planet). It’s tough for an introvert to socialize with people and to have the kind of fun they need. But if you won’t open, you won’t be able to get your preferences. Interact with people around you; be they your classmates or your seniors. Interaction is an most necessary key to widening opportunities. After all when your juniors ask, you must not end up with the thought in your mind that what I did except sleeping.

Have a wonderful year ahead! There’s a lot much waiting for you ahead. Share it with your friends and keep exploring!

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