From a Failure to a Founder – A Thapar University Alumni

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Harjas Singh is a Thapar Alumni who in his own words has been a “complete failure”.

“I was a failure when I failed multiple subjects in engineering. A failure when I wrote a book. A failure when I tried to build a start-up three times in college. And a failure when I quit job after just one day at work.”

But as he points out, each of these failures has taught him lessons, opened up new opportunities, and built a momentum which eventually led to founding of his new venture ‘InkLink’.

So below is the mission, the vision, and the founding story of InkLink Magazine by Harjas Singh.

It’s been a long time that I’ve been into writing. I authored a book when I was in second year of college at Thapar University, and I have around 140 answers on Quora. Sometime back I thought it would be great if I could get an article published in a popular magazine / newspaper. So I penned down two articles, one for The Speaking Tree by Times of India, and the second for the Inner Voice column of Hindustan Times.

I got a reply from speaking tree in a few days. They had replied in affirmative and published my article. Hindustan Times, however, did not reply at all. It was then I realised that though these are popular platforms and a lot of people like to read the stuff written by their journalists, it is not easy for the ‘common man’ to publish their thoughts on such forums.

But I knew for sure that there are a lot of wise people out there whom I’d want to listen to very closely, even if they didn’t end up making a lot of money or become famous. That’s when the idea of a digital magazine came about.

With an agenda to make great ideas accessible, InkLink is a digital magazine that publishes articles written by people from various backgrounds and disciplines. We publish articles on themes including but not limited to Politics, Business, Sports, Technology, Spirituality etc.

This is a platform for Writers (and those who aspire to become one) who want to share their thoughts with a large audience and get paid for the same.

This is also a platform for people who want to explore high quality content, expand their knowledge base, and read other people’s views about various happenings around the world.

We have an Editorial Board who’ll be reviewing and approving the articles before publishing them. The EB consists of:

Novy Kapadia: Author of the book ‘Barefoot to Boots: The Many Lives of Indian Football’ and a reputed sports journalist, columnist and recognized as a renowned commentator. He has worked as a commentator and analyst for ESPN, ZEE Sports, Star Sports, Ten Sports, Doordarshan, All India Radio, NDTV, CNN-IBN, Headlines Today and several other TV channels.

Atul Bhatia: An Angel Investor and mentor, supporting an eco-system for Small & Medium companies that focus in the area of Business-to-Business markets for Technology driven products. He is currently mentoring about a dozen companies and has set for himself a target of helping 100 start-ups cross a million dollar in revenue. Prior to becoming a Mentor & Angel Investor, Atul founded nSys Design Systems, a software product company that he bootstrapped from start to exit.

Gifty Gupta: A Ph.D. in English Language Teaching, she has been teaching in various colleges of Delhi University since 2008. She has participated in various conferences, workshops, and training courses and has several books for various universities to her credit.

And lastly, there’s me.

Again, our mission is to create a platform to make great ideas accessible that change lives of people and the world for good.


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