Jeeya Prakash’s ZS Associates Interview Experience

“Jeeya Prakash who was placed at ZS Associates” talks about her interview experience and some other tips to prepare for placement season. Check out what she says about the placement season.

Her Interview was taken by UnsaidTalks Interviewer: “Radhika”

Profile offered: Business Operations Associates

Job Location: Gurgaon (given a choice between Pune and Gurgaon)

Branch and Graduation Year: ENC – 2022

Cgpa Cutoff: 7. This is basically the eligibility criteria. In most non-tech companies, there is no internal cutoff but the eligibility criteria ranges from 6.5 to 7 CGPA

Interview Difficulty Level: It was medium.

Here are the questions we asked Jeeya Prakash to know about her interview experience.

Question 1: Introduce yourself to our readers.

Answer: Hi! My name is Jeeya Praksh and I am a final year student. My branch is Electronics and Communication Engineering. I think it was in 2nd year when I realized that nothing about this branch interests me. Before I made any conscious choice about what career I wanted to follow, I wanted to try everything and well this has primarily been like a huge highlight of my college life that I tried a lot of things. In 2nd year I got really into tech; I started participating in a lot of hackathons. I have a friend who does it really well, so he helped me out a lot and we participated in hackathons.I tried my hands at tech and did the coding and I wouldn’t say that I was the best at it but I think I was fairly good.
But somewhere I realized that it is not what I want to do later in life and that is when I started looking into other things. Apart from this, I am also a published author. I came out with my book-“Mirror” last to last year(it was in my 2nd year). I have been writing since 2014. There is one thing that I have been asked in almost every interview: “Why don’t you pursue your career in poetry”. One of my interviewers, a very senior member at ZS asked me: “Jeeya, are you sure that we’ll be not killing your passion by hiring you? Are we snatching a good writer away from the poetry community?” I told him that this is something I am extremely passionate about and this will always go parallel. I am never going to stop writing. Poetry is one thing that makes me so happy, but my career has to be something different. I never wanted to make a career in this because I am a firm believer of the fact that “Deadlines kill your Passion”. I cannot be made to write under a deadline. Hence my career choice is finance.
I got into finance in my 3rd year. I would see my dad talking all the time about finances and stuff. I would have this FOMO that what is the cool thing that my dad and brother are discussing, and that is when I wanted to read more about finance. Then I realized that this is something that I can still look into. That is why I took finance so seriously and JPMC banking. And consultancy because I like to talk, I like to think, I feel that I am a very creative person, I can think of solutions for out-of-the-box problems.

Question 2: Describe Your written test experience specifying the number of rounds, details of each round, and type of test platform (online – amcat, hackerearth, etc / offline)

Answer: There were 2 phases.
Phase 1 had 3 rounds: One online aptitude test. If you qualify that then there is a Case Study Round(a very detailed case study on the basis of which you need to solve MCQs), then a video interview round(AI detected).
Phase 2: another written test(Case Study Round) but this time it’s a detailed Case Study in which you have to solve and answer.
For financial and non-technical roles they have a good amount of aptitude questions! This goes without saying that every non-tech company you are sitting for will have a lot of Aptitude questions, so anybody who is preparing for this needs to have basic math, English, logical reasoning, and data representation on point.

Question 3: Describe your all technical interviews specifying the number of rounds and details of each round (if any) (please share coding questions if possible)

Answer: ZS had 2 Rounds of interviews in Phase 2:
In Case Study Round, you need to solve and send the answers in 1 hr only…they discuss your answers…what made you think like that?…. What was your approach to it?
Last interview round: general HR questions, about projects, internships you’ve done in the past, any position of responsibility, your work with college societies, one time when you were the leader of the project, one time when you acted as a team player…..this is the only pressure part…you need to have a story prepared for all these.
One more thing that you should keep in mind is that if you are trying to do something that is not in your domain like finance, some non-tech roles…be it consultancy, operations or anything like this, they will definitely question you “Why you are doing it?” because ultimately you are an engineer so “Why do you want to change your course suddenly?” This is something that everybody needs to prepare for!

Question 4: What were the key factors for your selection?

Answer: I think my book was a huge factor because you drive your interview. Introduction plays a very important role; first 5 minutes, you grab their attention, and then they are all yours! Make sure you have a very good introduction, something that stays with them.
I actually drove my interview when I would tell them that I am a published author, they would have asked me questions on that…and the good part about this was they have only 30 minutes to interview; I took 10 min explaining the things in which I expertise…. at least I have secured 10 minutes and now the chances to make mistakes reduced to 20 minutes.
If you have a position of responsibility, if you have done something, or have been the General Secretary of any society, make sure you mention that in your introduction.
You need to be prepared for your HR very well. It could be something as simple as your biggest strength to as complex as “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” We all think we have plans, but when the interviewer asks this, we don’t, we all go blank.
A good amount of knowledge in the role you are applying for is a must. Do read the Job Description of the Company.

Question 5: What are the things students should focus on in order of priority?

Answer: 1. It is safe to maintain an 8 GPA…3rd year is a very good time to pull up your GPA because then you are aligned to core subjects(things finally begin to make sense in your field)
2. Deciding what you really want to do…Tech or Non-Tech. If you are focused, you keep working on that thing and if you are focused on both things, you can’t give 100% in either of them. It’s never too late to switch. Thapar gives you a lot of opportunities and the competitive pool is small in comparison to off-campus placements(so many students of every college)
3. Finish as soon as you can and then start revising (in JPMC, at the end of the interview, I was asked What is the difference between Micro-processor and Micro-Controller because I am from ENC branch so I was expected to know this…….they can ask you anything in the interview; it comes out of the blue)

Question 6: According to you, what role do extracurricular activities as well as participation in societies play?

Answer: Two things in which you really benefit from extracurricular activities are:
1. You’ll get a lot of things to put in your resume [Never Make-up stuff in your resume because you’ll be always questioned on them one way another…they can ask you literally anything….so make sure everything is authentic; you have a story/answer for everything]
2. You have something to talk about (you’ll have stories to share, positions of responsibilities, problems you faced)

Question 7: Any Other Advice you would like to give to your juniors?

Answer: 1. The sooner you get placed doesn’t define that how good you are, how worth it you are!: “Jaldi toh Makaan banta hai, Mahal banne mai toh time lagta hai” 🙂
2. Never Compare yourself/your package/company to the other person. Your Salary never defines you; focus on your Job Profile.
3. Keep refining your skills till your day comes. When you are preparing for an online test, somewhere, keep preparing for the interview because it will all happen in a day, you’ll start in the morning, and till the evening, you’ll get to know that you are placed! Life goes in a jiffy!

Question 8: How can we contact you? (LinkedIn Profile Link/Contact No./etc.)


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