Journey of Transition from School to College

Jatin Aggarwal from 2nd year has shared his thoughts about the transition he felt, moving from school to college through our platform.

Every year, many high school graduates go to college to continue their education and thus pursue their
life-long dreams. Despite many commitments, the college has many advantages that we realize in our
later life.
To begin with, I was not much used to interacting with strangers. With a limited circle of friends, I was
comfortable with my small world considering it to be the best and could not see it changing. However,
all this changed the day I stepped into the campus of the Thapar Institute of Engineering and
During school life, most of us were always dependent on our friends or teachers, whereas college life
teaches us how to be independent, stronger, and thus fight our own battles. It makes us ponder about
our careers with much more seriousness. The decisions that we shall be making now will affect our
future only because during school life it was our parents who always took care of all our demands.
College life is one of the biggest transitions from school life. We go through many changes when we
enter college. The schools where we spent half our lives were a safe place. Now the transition to a
college is so sudden that we are no longer protected by our teachers or friends as it was during school
Stepping into totally new surroundings was an amazing experience. Though shy at first, I met and
interacted with many students from all over the country. Becoming friends with people having common
interests was the best thing as we all shared our different stories and experiences, and hence increasing
our world views.
College life has always posed a lot of challenges in front of us. We get to know how to socialize and form
opinions of our own. Students learn their free will and they go on to become more confident and
composed individuals.
Moreover, in schools, we viewed our teachers as our mentors and sometimes even our parents. We
respected them a lot and kept a distance. While in college life, the the relationship between teacher and
student becomes a bit informal. More or less, they become like our friends and we tend to share all our
happiness and trouble with them as we use to do with our friends.
Indeed college life experience is truly one of its kind. The most common memory of mine is goofing
around with my friends and bunking some of those boring lectures. One will never forget how the group
of friends walked around the college in their style and played silly pranks on one another.
Now coming to the most important hub in every hosteler’s life, which is none other than the MESS. It is
that place where every student has enjoyed eating though with some criticism always, and chatting
away with their friends on endless topics.
Another college life experience that I shall always cherish the most in my life is the annual tech-fest. The
fest created so much excitement and buzz amongst the newcomers. The best part was to be in the
organizing team of this fest. All the participants were welcomed with open arms with the competitions being carried out in the best of spirits. I learned a lot from the mistakes that were committed. Most
importantly the memories made with my teammates were the best; from organizing the events to our
seniors’ expectations and then going for after-parties with them for the hard work that had been put
Concluding, college life shall remain a memorable time for all of us. It is entirely different from school
life. The college life exposes us to many new experiences and things that we were not familiar with
earlier. Not every person is lucky enough to experience the taste of college life. For some people, college
life is a time to get serious about their career and study thoroughly for a brighter future, while for
others; it means enjoying life to the fullest and partying hard. The ones who have had experienced a
college life will always wish to turn back time to live all those days once again.

–  Jatin Aggarwal

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