Megha Singla’s Amazon Interview Experience

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“Megha Singla” who was placed at “Amazontalks about her interview experience and some other tips to prepare for placement season. Check out what she says about the placement season.

Branch and Graduation Year: ECE – 2020

Profile offered: Operations

Package Offered: 60000 PM

Interview Difficulty Level: 8/10 (1-very easy, 10-very difficult)

Branch and Graduation Year: Electronics and Communication, 2020

Here are the questions we asked from Megha Singla to know about her interview experience.

Question 1:Introduce yourself to our readers.

Answer: An undergraduate dreamer, stuck in engineering, they call me Megha Singla.
White over black, anyday.
Golgappe over icecream, anyday.
Biggest fan of Bungee Jumping and Sky Diving.
You’ll see me sit in a corner with a glass of water in my hand at a party.
(Not an intro for interviews. xD)

Question 2:Describe Your written test experience specifying number of rounds ,details of each round and type of test platform(online -amcat,hackerearth etc offline)

Answer: The written test was on and comprised of 4 sections; Cognitive, Quantitative Ability, Logical and Verbal Reasoning and Area Manager based questions.
The first section was 25 questions and 5 minutes, basic questions, how many W’s are there, is this matching, what shape is it, what color is it and a on.
The second section was 15 questions and 15 minutes, quant related section. Questions on time, distance and work, ratios, profit/loss, percentage, basic mathematics and data interpretation.
The third section was 10 questions and 10 minutes, logical and verbal reasoning based.
The fourth section was 10 questions and 10 minutes, questions based on project management. We weren’t aware of that section so I used my presence of mind and acquired knowledge in the project management side.

Tip: Practice aptitude well, both offline and online. Work on logical and verbal reasoning well. RS Aggarwal and Indiabix were of great help for apti.

Question 3:Describe your all technical interviews specifying number of rounds and details of each round (if any)(please share coding questions if possible)

Answer: I had 2 rounds of sheer roasting and grilling, as per my interviewer too.
Both my rounds were totally based on my resume. They talked about my Capstone Project, internships and other projects. Some of the courses I have done of great importance, some of the awards and achievements helped me. My co-curricular experience helped me go through it.
The most important criteria for any Amazon interview is their 14 Leadership Principles. They do everything for them, Google it well.
Other than resume, they ask you questions from the leadership principles they follow. You should Google questions on their principles and study them well too. They give you situations based on the principles.
It is very light HR, one or two odd questions about why Amazon, and they don’t want mainstream answers, so don’t crib, just be yourself, be original.
Always be alert and prepare your portfolio well, mine was opened till the very end. Though all of it is totally interviewer dependent.

Tip: Prepare about the company well, know the latest news and projects and things they work on. More than anything else, prepare yourself well.

Question 4:Describe your all HR interviews specifying number of rounds and details of each round

Answer: I had no HR round specifically. Light HR questions in the two rounds I had, as mentioned above.

Question 5:Key factors for your selection

Answer: I believe I was very alert and had a very strong presence of mind, as per my interviewer.
Also, he was very impressed with my research about the company, about me being detail oriented and organized and disciplined.
Also, they wanted someone who can walk and survive harsh conditions, so maybe they thought I’d fit in well, cauz well, we all survived Thapar too! (Jokes)
But seriously, they wanted someone who walks a lot and can survive harsh conditions.

Question 6:Advice to juniors for technical skills they should develop

Answer: Develop your personality well, be presentable always. Keep learning and never drive off road, no matter how hard it is to drive straight.
Learn new languages, learn Microsoft Office, keep the spirit high!

Question 7:Advice to juniors for cracking HR round

Answer: Well, for Amazon interviews, be prepared to be grilled and roasted. They don’t have regular HR rounds but their interviews are purely principle based, don’t miss out on them.
Stay on your words and always be honest.

Question 8:Give your contact details if you want us to publish this with your interview(eg. email,phone no,website, linkedIn Id)


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