Rabpreet Singh’s American Express Interview Experience

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“Rabpreet Singh” who was selected as an Intern at “American Express” talks about his interview experience and some other tips to prepare for placement season. Check out what he says about the placement season.

His Interview was taken by UnsaidTalks Interviewer: “Aastha”

Profile Offered: Analyst

Branch and Graduation Year: ECE-2019

Package Offered: Rs 30,000/pm stipend

Cgpa cutoff:  6.0

Interview difficulty level: 8/10 (1-very easy, 10-very Difficult)

Here are the questions we asked from Rabpreet Singh to know about his interview experience.

Question 1: Introduce yourself to our readers.

Answer 1: I am a simple, passionate and ambitious person. I like to code and solve puzzles. I have an 8.8 cgpa. I maintain a small circle of close friends and rarely go out for parties.I binge watch a lot of tv series and animes. I have a good command and fluency in English.

Question 2: Describe Your written test experience specifying the number of rounds, details of each round and type of test platform ( If online mention the type of test platform eg. Hackereart, CoCubes, Amcat etc).

Answer: It was an online test. It consisted of 2 coding questions where you had to write one part of the code(had to write a function which was being called in the main() method) and then 50 MCQs including verbal, logic, reasoning aptitude and technical questions from SQL, Data structures,C. The questions were basic and could be answered easily if you the concepts. Time given was ample if you don’t get stuck anywhere. The ranking was based on how many test cases were successfully run on your code(test cases were already fed into the platform ,you just had to click run) and the number of questions you answered correctly in the MCQ’s. There was no negative marking. I don’t remember the test platform but it was pretty easy to use and understand. The coding questions I got to solve were array implementations and were easy. In both the questions I had 2 arguments to the function I had to complete. I heard that some people got string implementations to do as well.

Question 3: Describe your all technical interviews specifying the number of rounds and details of each round.

Answer: In total, I had four interviews(they earlier said there will be 3 interviews). There was not a strict line between the interviews as to which one is technical or which one is HR as all the interviewers asked me both technical and basic HR questions. All the interviews were one on one.

I just had to give my resume in the first interview and they didn’t ask me for anything else. They asked me questions pertaining to my resume only. In the first interview, the interviewer was welcoming and polite. I was asked to introduce myself. Normal conversation for 2 mins. Then, I was asked to rate myself between being the lowest and 10 being highest) in c/java, OS, and data structures. I said 8.5,6,8 respectively. Then he asked me a very basic OS question-Difference between FCFS and round robin. He also asked me why I wanted to go into this field. Then a couple of puzzles. Then he asked me about heap sort and merge sort and their time complexities, which one is better.1-2 more puzzles and then told me I ask any doubts regarding the company and all. I asked a couple of them and shook hands before leaving. All I all it went above average I would say. A few minutes later I had the second interview. In this, I was asked to solve a couple of puzzles and a program in which I had to use an object and create 2 arrays with it and had to do some operations on them(which I don’t remember). The interviewer was quite strict and I didn’t perform too well with the puzzles although I did explain my logic and working of the program to an extent. This one wasn’t up to the mark.

A few minutes later I was up for the 3rd interview and this was the main HR interview. The interviewer was nice at first but then started trying to intimidate me soon but I remained calm and stood by what I and my resume said. In this also I was asked 3 puzzles and I solved them very soon which impressed him a bit. I was asked a programming question-to form a unit matrix using for nested then only one for loop and was able to and explains the logic too. Then I was sent off after a handshake. This one went pretty well.

After some time then I was called to 4th interview much to my surprise. I was asked to introduce myself and more questions about myself which last interviewers had already asked me. Then was asked to make a python program for a complicated table which the interviewer drew himself on the spot and asked me to implement. I can’t really explain it. A few more HR type questions and I was sent off. This interview went average I guess.

Question 4: What do you think were key factors in your selection?

Answer: For the interview-I was confident, took a stand for what I said, was precise and honest, knew basics concepts well and had good logic and reasoning.I didn’t bend myself to their point of view but without disrespecting them I politely expalined mine and the reason behind it.

Question 5: what are the dont’s and do’s you would suggest to your juniors?

Answer: Have some mock interviews if you can even with your friends. Definitely, prepare or some generic questions like introducing yourself, why this company, what do you bring to the table, where do u see yourself after some time etc..Be confident, passionate and smile during the interview. Don’t get discouraged if you can’t answer something. Don’t be rude or aggressive yet be firm and believe in what you say.

Question 6: Advice to juniors for technical skills they should develop

Answer: You should definitely know one or more of C/C++/java/python. The more the better. Study data structure basics and database as well using MySQL. Be good at forming logic as to how to proceed in solving the problem.

Question 7: how important were co-curricular activities in your selection?

Answer: I had almost none and wasn’t asked.

Question 8: What would you like to advise juniors for cracking the HR round of this company?

Answer: Be confident. Don’t make any too bold or overstatements which you can’t support. Be polite even if you have to say something opposite to what the interviewer suggests.

Question 9: what are the study sources and certifications you found valuable and would suggest for your juniors?

Answer: Although I found out after the interview, geeksforgeeks is a great source of puzzles and codes as most of everything they asked was exactly taken from there.

For any further Queries feel free to contact below:

Email: Rabpreet121196@gmail.com

Phone: 9023292868

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