Ridhav Modi’s Goodera Interview Experience

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“Ridhav Modi” who was placed at “Gooderatalks about his interview experience and some other tips to prepare for placement season. Check out what he says about the placement season.

His Interview was taken by UnsaidTalks Interviewer: “Shivam Soin”

Branch and Graduation Year: CSE – 2021

Profile Offered: Full Stack Developer with PPO – Internship with PPO

Job Location: Banglore

CGPA Cutoff: null

Here are the questions we asked from Ridhav Modi to know about his interview experience.

Question 1:Introduce yourself to the readers.

Answer: This is Ridhav Modi CSE 18 Batch from Chitkara University

Question 2:Describe your written test experience specifying the number of rounds, details of each round and type of test platform ( If online mention the type of test platform eg. Hackereart, CoCubes, Amcat etc).

Answer: The written test experience was pretty well. I didn’t really face any issue while solving the questions. The test was offline based exam held at the University itself. UCA batch had given the exam prior to the Non – UCA one. To which the UCA students had advantage over non-UCA one whenit came to the placement part of the session.

Question 3:Describe your all technical interviews specifying number of rounds and details of each round (if any)(please share coding questions if possible).

Answer: The thing that matters the most in your placement period is your projects. The more the projects are better your placement chances will be. Companies want the candidate to be super creative and good at his basic concepts.

Question 4:Describe your all HR interviews specifying number of rounds and details of each round.

Answer: There was only one HR round, In which basic personality traits questions were asked. Some HR interviews involve a technical question, But no technical questions were asked in my case, There were simple entry-level questions which if given confidently, no issues were there

Question 5:Key factors for your selection.

Answer: 1. React Native
2. Projects
3. Confidence and right knowledge

Question 6:What are the things students should focus on in order of priority?

Answer: Students should work on projects, Learn data structures sincerely. Students should also learn general aptitude as it will help them for their further selections. Students should not rush into learning everything, Whatever they are learning they should be confident enough to crack the interviews, should focus more on practical applications and should have a thorough knowledge of the subjective part of theory too

Question 7:Advice to juniors for technical skills they should develop.

Answer: Should code well, focus upon the logic building, and should do projects. Data structures should be learned wholeheartedly As it will be the key point for their selection. Coding languages should be learned and they should do as many as possible projects because without them they will only learn about the theoretical concept and not practical application.

Question 8:According to you, what role does extra curricular activities as well as participation in societies play?

Answer: Not much in my case but you can go for it no worries.

Question 9:What would you like to advise juniors for cracking HR round of this company?

Answer: To be confident and not stressing out in simple things. Because sometimes HR is the toughest of all rounds and sometimes it’s the opposite. So we should learn to act accordingly as per the situation

Question 10:Any other advice you would like to give to your juniors?

Answer: Stay focued and never stop learning.

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