Rohit Mehta’s Amadeus Labs Interview Experience

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“Rohit Mehta” who was placed at “Amadeus India Pvt LTD (FTE + Internship)talks about his interview experience and some other tips to prepare for placement season. Check out what he says about the placement season.

His Interview was taken by UnsaidTalks Interviewer: “Anmol Tiwari”

Profile offered: Software developer

Branch and Graduation Year: ECE 2019

Package Offered: 8.35+ other benefits (meals as well). 25000 stipend while 6 months internship

Cgpa Cutoff : 6 5

Interview Difficulty Level: 5/10 (1-very easy, 10-very difficult)

Here are the questions we asked from Rohit Mehta to know about his interview experience.

Question 1:Introduce yourself to our readers.

Answer: Optimist, happy go lucky kind of guy, never gives up.

Question 2:Describe Your written test experience specifying number of rounds ,details of each round and type of test platform(online -amcat,hackerearth etc offline)

Answer: It was an SHL test with 2 sections. Numerical reasoning and verbal reasoning. No negative marking

1) Numerical ability(18 questions, 25 minutes):

This section contained questions majorly based on data Interpretation(DI) which basically consists of a bar graph, tables or maybe pie charts. Calculators were allowed but questions were of moderate difficulty.

2) Verbal reasoning (30 questions, 20 minutes):

There were paragraphs with questions based on them. One must go through practice tests before taking the actual test because these questions are very tricky. 3 options are true, false, cannot say. The trick is to figure out the difference between false and cannot say. Because there is just too much confusion in those.

Question 3:Describe your all technical interviews specifying number of rounds and details of each round (if any)(please share coding questions if possible)

Answer: I just had 1 technical interview which lasted about an hour. Others had 2 interviews as well but i guess, my first one went pretty good because of which they felt no need for 2nd one.

It was a panel of 2 people. One of them was an alumni. Other was a senior manager. Interview started with the general introduction. The manager glanced at my resume and was very impressed. My marks were good overall. I had 9.12 cgpa which he found very intriguing considering my other skills and projects. He asked me how did i maintain this much cgpa while considering for software profile.

He looked at my technical skills and projects. Asked me about why i chose to do those things. For example, he. Asked me why i learned python. I answered him because of my interest in AI and ML. He asked me, why was i interested in these.
Then he asked me the same thing with java.

I can see that he was very satisfied with my answers. After that, he asked me about a project of mine. I explained the project.

Then he gave me 2 scenarios. 1st was to design an automatic parking system and 2nd was about smart city. Key point here was to get inside his head and to answer exactly what he wanted. I answered both of them.

Then the alumni asked me some technical questions regarding stacks, dbms, oops, operating systems.

Then he asked me about where i see myself in 5 years, why amadeus, did i have prior knowledge about them, my motivation etc.

It was a very enjoyable experience.

Question 4:Describe your all HR interviews specifying number of rounds and details of each round

Answer: My HR interview went for about 45 minutes. HR was very nice. We started talking about my co curriculum. The work i did apart from my studies. She asked me about my hobbies. She asked me about my willingness to move to Bangalore. It felt like a general chat between us two.

Question 5:Key factors for your selection

Answer: My projects and my CGPA.

Question 6:Advice to juniors for technical skills they should develop

Answer: Don’t lie in your resume. Whatever you have written, you should know everything about that.

Learn the basics well. Make sure that you have knowledge of DBMS and OS. All companies ask that. Try to do as many good projects as you can. Nobody sees your certificates.

I think, one should know about the buzz technologies nowdays and try to learn 1 or 2 on their own. It helped me to crack my interview

Question 7:Advice to juniors for cracking HR round

Answer: Be confident. A smile on the face always helps. Make sure to tell them how much you want to join their company. Do some co curriculum work. It helps in impressing the interviewer

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