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“UnsaidTalks Interview Program’22”

Enhanced communication and knowledge

This program has certainly enhanced and improved my communication skills as well as knowledge required in final year

Tushar Mahajan

Great Experience

It has been a great experience. This program has helped me know more the placements in the university, how do I prepare for them.  It has been wonderful to be a part of this team!

Megha Singla

UIP brought real picture of placements

This has been a great experience, it brings the real picture of placements to us. Thank you for such a platform.

Shakti Sharma

Got to know inside story of success of seniors

This has been a very good experience. It gave me a real glimpse of what happens inside a placement hall. It’s amazing to know the inside story of someone’s success.

Abhishek Arora

A Great exposure Interviewing People

Great Experience Learning With The UIP team…UIP Is Not a Society But a Place to Learn from Experience Of Seniors.Gives A Great exposure Interviewing People Who has bagged Good Packages and are In Good companies..!ThnKu UIP for This Opportunity to me

Guntas Singh

UnsaidTalks Interview Program (UIP) is a 4-month program for Engineering Students aimed at building networking skills among students. During this program, students will interact with 1000+ final year students who will be getting placed in various corporate companies visiting the Campus.
Students will develop essential skills like marketing, networking, and effective communication skills while representing UnsaidTalks Interviewer in their Campus.
And Yes, there are exciting rewards to grab as well.

UnsaidTalks Interviewers - 2021

What's in for you?

  • Get an insight into the placement season of your campus.
  • Get to know about all the companies visiting the campus, the packages offered by them, and their whole recruitment process.
  • Develop marketing skills by spreading the word about UnsaidTalks among your peers in college.
  • Develop communication and Networking skills by interacting and developing connections with your Final Year students who are getting placed in companies visiting your campus.
  • Get Rewards for the results you bring.

Who are we looking for?

  • An ambitious student
  • An excellent communicator
  • An enthusiast eager to interact with seniors
PS: Selection will be made post the interview.

Application Open


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What will I do as an UnsaidTalks Interviewer?

As an UnsaidTalks Interviewer, your main role is to - take interviews of the final year students who will be getting placed in various companies. You will also need to keep track of all the companies visiting the campus as well as the names of students getting placed in those companies. (Don't worry we will help you out in all these processes)

2. Who can apply?

This program is only for engineering students of any branch.

3. What is expected of me as an UnsaidTalks Interviewer?

Your core responsibility would be to communicate with seniors and ask them about their interview experience. Other than this, you are expected to promote UnsaidTalks on your campus.

4. What is the duration of this Program?

The program is of 4 months duration.

5. How many hours of the week do I need to devote as an UnsaidTalks Interviewer?

You will be expected to devote 4-5 hours per week to this program. But ultimately, it depends upon you how much you actually want to devote. The more time you devote, the more contacts you will build and the more experience you will gain.

6. Will I get any certificate for this program?

Yes. You will be provided with Digital Certificate on successful completion of this program. We believe in making a memorable experience for you during this program in your hearts and souls. The top performers from the program will also be rewarded.

7. How do I apply?

Fill out the application form. You will receive a communication from the UnsaidTalks Team person for an interview. You will be evaluated based on this interview. Wait for results.

8. I have more questions regarding the program, which are still not answered. Where shall I contact?

You can email us your query at You can also contact us via the contact us page.