UIP 2018 Members

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The following team of enthusiastic students from Thapar University worked with UnsaidTalks to Interview their Seniors and Alumni and collect 300+ Interviews under the program UIP (UnsaidTalks Interview Program) – 2018.
Chhavi Kansal
When i first read about the Unsaid Talks in a whatsapp group, i found the concept to be really good. It is something that was seriously needed because being in Read More
Harmeet Kaur
It is a really beneficial program for 1st and 2nd year students from the placement pt of view as it gives direct exposure to seniors who have already been placed. For Read More
Mahima Dubey
Working with UIP gave the thrust of a canonball to my persona. Interacting with the luminous seniors was all in all a enticing experience with lots to learn from their Read More
Mohit Arora
It was really an awesome experiece to be a part of UIP. From intraction with seniors to learn so much awesome stuff from them about your field. There were many Read More
Rajanbir Singh Ghumaan
It was a whole new experience for me as a memeber of Unsaidtalks community. It gave me an opportunity to interact with our placed seniors and gather their interview experiences. Read More
Rajjat Kumar Sharma
Teriffic learning experience with UIP team. It Is an great intiative which helps us to learn from the experience of our seniors.It helps me to improve my communication and finding Read More
Sonali Sahi
The experience with unsaid talks has been amazing from interaction with seniors to getting into that zone ,knowing the minor details with uncountable experience. UnsaidTalks is platform not only to Read More