UnsaidTalks Mentorship Platform

chance to learn From mentors via 1 hour one-to-one sessions

This platform will help in connecting mentees with mentors from the industry who have walked the same path on which mentees wish to walk on. It is for the ambitious engineering students (mentees) who are always on the journey to learn from experienced people (mentors). It acts as a bridge between students and professionals from various industries.

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our goal is to help mentees take career decisions by completely understanding the professional world from mentors via mentorship Sessions

Mentees can book a session with a mentor of their choice OR just let us know their doubts and we will find and connect them to the right industry expert.

The mentors will be people who have been through your journey and knows what works and what doesn’t. These are the people who are currently working in companies like Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Deloitte, NXP, Orient Electric, etc. Some of the mentors have even gone for higher studies like MS and MBA.

Get mentored by industry Professionals and build relationships with them

You can have multiple sessions for resume reviews, interview skills building, preparation resources, aptitude, and puzzles solving strategies, DS/Algo preparation strategies with industry experts.

Why Should You Apply?

Remember that success leaves clues

There aren’t many people who became successful through luck. If you want something, chances are, there’s a proven system for getting it.
Follow those who have the results you want, and you’ll likely get the same result.

Our mission is to help you connect with the right experienced person who will help you gain clarity around various aspects such as:

  • Which companies to target – consultancy companies/top software companies/Core ECE companies/core electrical companies etc.?
  • What happens inside an interview room?
  • Which path to select ahead after your b.tech – Job or MBA or MS?
  • Best resources and strategies for preparing for Aptitudes, DS, Algorithms, Puzzles, and Guess Estimates.
  • Building a network with people in the industry.
  • What is the right path for you – Tech or Non-Tech?

So through this platform, we aim to clear the thousands of questions arising in the minds of students and young professionals.

our mission is that every ambitious engineering student takes their career decision out of awareness Rather than out of blindness

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Question 1. Who are Mentees?
Answer. Mentees can be anyone – either a student or a professional who is looking to gain some clarity, get guidance or simply get consultation around his or her career decisions.
Question 2. Who are Mentors?
Answer. A mentor is a verified professional who has experience in a certain field(s). Mentor are people who have collaborated with UnsaidTalks with a vision to guide the mentees of UnsaidTalks.
Question 3. How are mentors selected for the UnsaidTalks Mentorship Platform?
Anwer. Each mentor goes through certain selection criteria by the UnsaidTalks Team. Mentor's performance is rated by UnsaidTalks and Mentees after every session which ensures that only top mentors succeed on our platform for mentorship.
Question 4. How to book a session?
Answer. Simply click on “Book a Session” under the profile of your selected mentor and proceed to payment. You will be assigned an UnsaidTalks Support Executive (USE) just after you make the payment who will be your single point of contact regarding fixing the session with your selected mentor. USE will coordinate with you and your mentor to fix the appropriate date and time for the session. It generally takes 48 hours to get a confirmation for the session.
Question 5. How many sessions does a mentee need?
Answer. Depending upon what kind of consultation you require - You might require to go for 1 to 3 sessions to gain complete clarity of the problem you are facing. For example: Let’s say you are not clear if you should build your career as a software developer or business analyst – Then in this case the best way to proceed is to book a session with one mentor from the field of software developer and another mentor from the field of business analyst. This way you will gain clarity of your actual work in each of the careers and you can take the decision by fully being knowledgeable.
Question 6. What if the Mentees' doubts are not cleared and are unhappy after the session?
Answer. UnsaidTalks Support Executive will work very closely with you until all your doubts are cleared. In case you are unhappy due to any reason, you have the complete right to ask for a refund and we will ensure we don’t leave you unhappy.